• Carrier Infinity Series Model 25HNA9 Heat Pump Price

    The Carrier Infinity series is one of the true Cadillac HVAC lines available today.  The Carrier Infinity Series Model 25HNA9 Heat Pump offers the highest efficiency and finest performance you’ll find.  It is also a pricey unit but you do get what you pay for in this case.  We recently received an HVAC prices post from Scott in Huntsville, Alabama. He passes along the Carrier Infinity Series Model 25HNA9 Heat Pump price and the details of this high-efficiency model.

    “When I started looking for an HVAC system for the home we’re building my criteria were reliability and high efficiency.  I like being green in terms of using less energy – and I like using less energy as a means to save money well into the future.  I’ve always been a fan of Carrier, having installed several of them over the years in various houses.  I met with the Carrier rep and she suggested a Carrier Heat Pump.  My knowledge of heat pumps was pretty dated apparently because I thought they were not very efficient and were very poor on heating and dependability.  She walked me through all the specs and talked about the vast improvements made in heat pumps in the last decade or so.

    I did my own research, on this site and others, and came away with a changed opinion of heat pumps.  In fact, I decided to have the Carrier Infinity heat pump installed, along with a matching air handler and other equipment to provide a whole system.  Here are the specs on the entire system:

    • Up to 19 SEER and 9.5 HSPF, qualifies for energy tax credit.
    • Energy Star rated for lower energy consumption.
    • Puron refrigerant (R-410A) does not damage the ozone.
    • 2-stage compressor operates more quietly (as low as 69 db) and efficiently.
    • Variable speed outdoor condenser fan motor.
    • Built-in defrost.
    • In line filter dryer.
    • Can be used with a gas furnace instead of an air handler.
    • Infinity control for the most precise and comfortable temperature and humidity control.
    • Silencer System II uses insulation and other materials to reduce noise.
    • WeatherArmor Ultra design gives greater protection to internal components.
    • Sizes available from 2.0 tons to 5.0 tons.
    • 10-year limited warranty when installed by a HVAC professional and registered within 60 days.

    I got a total bid from the salesperson and let her know I’d be getting bids from at least 2 other Carrier dealers, which I did.  The bids were comparable and so I chose her company to handle the job. They were totally professional and the installation went seamlessly.  Here are the numbers:

    Carrier Infinity Series Model 25HNA9 3 ton heat pump system with 2 heat strips: $7,699

    Installation, $2,700; Total cost: $10,399

    I’ll tell you that the price tag was about 20% more than it would have been with a traditional furnace and air conditioning system but we’ll use significantly less energy and will make up the difference in time.  Plus, electricity is relatively inexpensive in our area.  We’ve had the system installed for about 4 months and it has performed very well.  My energy bills are very reasonable and I feel good about using less fossil fuel to heat and cool my home, as well as a refrigerant that does not harm the environment.  I’m glad I didn’t reject the idea of a heat pump based on outdated information about their reliability and efficiency.”

    Enjoy the Difference Proper Installation Delivers

    Today’s heat pumps are very different than earlier generations.  They are better in every way, as Scott indicated.  Get the best deal by obtaining heat pump prices from several companies and then choose the qualified contractor that you believe offers the right combination of price and expertise.  Getting the right unit installed in the right way is the key to long-term performance and energy savings in all seasons.

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