• Carrier Infinity Series Model 24ANA1 Central Air Conditioner Price

    Carrier makes some of the top-rated central air conditioners on the market today and the Carrier Infinity Series Model 24ANA1 central air conditioner is their top of the line model.  It offers outstanding design and build to ensure quality service for many years.  As part of a complete Carrier Infinity system it will help create a very comfortable indoor climate, no matter what the weather is outdoors.  Ginny from Cody, WY recently had one installed and she passed along the Carrier Infinity Series Model 24ANA1 central air conditioner price she paid.  Here is her letter.

    “About 18 months ago we finished our dream home in the mountains here after living forever in small homes, saving for retirement.  One of the things I really wanted was a top of the line central air conditioner that I can run as often as I want without feeling like I’m running up a high utility bill.  We looked at top of the line Lennox, York and Carrier models and settled on the Carrier Infinity system.  My husband is a gadget nut and really likes the Infinity controller and the ability to program the system and coordinate the components, or whatever it is he does with it! He’s also able to set the system from his cell phone which lets him turn up the heat when we are out and about in the winter so that it is toasty warm when we get home.  I just love the reliable, cool air and the fact that it is so efficient.

    We had just the furnace installed before the first winter here because that’s all we could budget until our old house sold, which thankfully it did last spring.  Then we added the air conditioner, which was great last summer, even on days when it was close to 100 outside.  It was always very comfortable indoors.  Our energy bills have been amazingly low, too.  They’re about 20% less than the bills at our last house, and that house was much smaller than this one.  The entire system installed was over $9,000, but here’s how that broke down for the air conditioner:

    3 ton Carrier Infinity Series Model 24ANA1 air conditioner: $2,479

    Installation, $1,900; Total $4,379

    I highly recommend the Carrier Infinity series.  It’s expensive, but we’re making it up every month on lower utility bills.”

    Thanks for the HVAC prices Ginny.  That’s certainly a nice system.  Here are its key features of this Energy Star system:

    • 21 SEER performance which qualifies for the federal energy tax credit
    • Infinity Control maximizes the performance of the system by coordinating components.
    • 2-stage cooling provides balanced cooling without uncomfortable temperature fluctuations.
    • Puron refrigerant is chlorine-free and safe for the environment.
    • Silencer System 2 provides features that keep operating noise to just 68db.
    • Durable galvanized steel cabinet is powder-coated to resist corrosion and UV fading.
    • Saves most homes up to 50% or more on heating/cooling costs.
    • Reduces greenhouse gas production.
    • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all parts.

    Shop For Quality Installation

    When you are deciding on your next A/C unit, shop for more than just great central air conditioner prices.  Shop for a qualified contractor who you trust to handle the installation since the quality of the install will affect the performance of the system.  Improper installation can cause a system to be less efficient than it should be and even have mechanical problems that shorten its longevity.  The right professional contractor will install, coordinate, adjust and test the system to make sure it is operating exactly as it should so you enjoy the climate control and energy savings you expect.

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