• Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace Price

    The Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace line is truly one of the finest all-around furnaces available today.  It’s the cream of the crop in terms of performance, comfort and reliability.  One other thing we know about this furnace – it can be hard to get accurate information about the cost of the equipment and installation.  A recent post from David in New York City sheds light on both the quality and the price of his Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace.  We’ll add the information to our growing HVAC Prices section.

    “I recently found your site and thought I’d add my 2 cents about the unit we installed last year in our home in Schroon Lake, New York.  I’m semi-retired and we spend about half our time there now, in all seasons.  In 18 months we’ll be there full time so I wanted a long-lasting furnace I can have confidence in.  We looked at top models from Trane, Lennox and Carrier, and after much debate settled on the Carrier Infinity ICS Gas Furnace.  Why?  The list is long, but the key features include:

    • An Energy Star qualifying 95% A.F.U.E.
    • The tightest temperature control available for balanced heat without significant fluctuation
    • Infinity Intelligence which allows the most efficient performance of all HVAC components in the system
    • Variable speed blower for efficiency and comfort
    • Multi-stage operation optimally controls heat and fuel consumption
    • Infinity® Control thermostat for precise programming of all HVAC components; remote programming available
    • Primary heat exchanger made from aluminized steel; secondary exchanger with Serpentuf Polypropylene coating
    • PowerHeat pilotless ignition
    • IdealHumdity System available as option for humidifying while heating; Thermidistat Control for removing more moisture in the cooling months
    • Best warranty: Limited lifetime on primary heat exchanger and 10 years on all other parts

    It truly is a premium gas furnace.  We also added a 17 S.E.E.R. air conditioning unit to the mix.  After one winter and one summer I can say we believe we’re getting what we paid for!  The total cost of the gas furnace for heating our 2,375 square foot home was $11,600 for the furnace and air conditioner, and $2,700 for installation, or $14,300 total. When I sought the bids I got a mixed bag, from a total package of $13,500 to almost $20,000.  The contractor I selected has a good reputation and had done repair work for us in the past.  The research I did emphasized the importance of using a qualified contractor with a thorough working knowledge of the gas furnace and the experience to set it up to perform up to its capabilities.  My contractor spent more than 2 hours adjusting the furnace and checking its performance once it was completely installed, and this paid off in the furnace exceeding our expectations in every way.

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