• Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCC5 Heat Pump Price

    Carrier’s Comfort Series is their most popular because it is affordable and efficient.  In today’s challenging economy saving up front and on monthly utility bills is an opportunity homeowners are looking for.  This letter from Dana in Vincennes, Indiana offers a Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCC5 heat pump price and discusses the option of using a hybrid heating system.

    “Our heating and cooling system really showed its age last year so before it got hot here last spring we took the plunge and replaced it.  The tax credits from the federal government along with rebates from Carrier and our local utility company were excellent so all told we felt like we got a pretty good deal on the system.  We researched a lot of companies and got a lot of heat pump prices before going with the Carrier Comfort 25HCC5 heat pump with matching gas furnace.  I wasn’t sure about spending the extra money on the furnace instead of the air handler (a $450 upgrade) but this winter has been one of the coldest on record.  From a comfort level as well as an energy cost level I’m glad we had the furnace.

    The installation went well last spring but in the middle of August the unit stopped cooling.  I thought it was frozen so I turned off the cooling and let the fan run to try to thaw it out.  After an hour I still wasn’t getting cold air so called the dealer.  He couldn’t get there until the next afternoon.  He discovered the compressor was bad and had lost its coolant.  Thankfully this system uses Puron so there wasn’t an environmental issue.  Since the unit is under warranty he simply replace it and it was good to go.  No problems since.  He said he saw a bad compressor on a newer unit “once every few years – most are perfect,” for what that’s worth.  Here are the total costs for the system before rebates and credits:

    Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCC5 4 ton heat pump and Comfort 90K Btu furnace, $5,249

    Installation, $4,000; Total: $9,249

    We’re saving money on our bills and the house has been very comfortable no matter the weather.”

    The decision to go with a hybrid system can be a tough one.  Do your research and then discuss your options with the dealers you get quotes from.  Here are the key features of the Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCC5 Heat Pump:

    • Up to 16 SEER when cooling and up to 9.0 HSPF for heating.
    • Energy Star qualified and eligible for the federal energy tax credit – now extended.
    • Single stage scroll compressor is efficient.
    • Uses Puron refrigerant.
    • Compressor blanket and quiet-mount hardware reduce noise to just 74db.
    • Louvered steel WeatherArmor coil guard protects your investment.
    • Hybrid-heat compatible with matched Carrier gas furnaces or heat strips.
    • Sizes from 1.5 ton to 5.0 ton capacity, 18K to 60K Btu.
    • 10-year warranty on all functional parts; extended warranty available.

    Protect your Investment by Having it Properly Installed

    Improper installation is the primary reason that HVAC systems under-perform in terms of efficiency and is a major cause of them malfunctioning.  Choose your heating and cooling company carefully and select one with a good reputation and experienced installers.  Hiring a qualified contractor will give you the peace of mind that your unit is running as efficiently as it should and is the best way to avoid dangerous gas or carbon monoxide leaks.  It’s a choice that is definitely worth it.

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