• Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCB6 Heat Pump Price

    If your heating and cooling goals center on saving money on the unit you choose as well as getting outstanding energy efficiency for years to come, the Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCB6 heat pump is worth your consideration.  This HVAC prices post from Sully in Edgefield, South Carolina passes along this Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCB6 heat pump price for your consideration.

    “It gets hotter than a madderbaby here and the winters can get fairly cold, too, so when we built a house last year we decided to go with a very high efficiency heat pump to save money in every season.  Our focus is obviously on cooling so we opted for a heat pump system that would be a workhorse in the hot and humid weather.  We took a hard look at Lennox, Trane, Goodman and Carrier when getting heat pump prices and eventually chose the Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCB6 Heat Pump and air handler.  The Goodman was the least expensive but didn’t have the performance features.  All the others were comparably priced and we chose the Carrier more because the dealer has a great reputation than that the unit is so superior – they’re all top-shelf units.

    Pretty straightforward deal.  With new construction and no old unit to remove the installation took less than a day.  The contractor had already completed all of the sheet metal duct work ahead of time.  Here are our costs:

    Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCB6 4 ton split system: $4,899

    Installation: $3,700; Total: $8,599

    We considered having a 10kw heat strip added to the unit to help with heating but really didn’t think it necessary in our climate.  We can add one later if we find this unit doesn’t keep up, but have no cause to think it won’t.  In almost a year of operation it has performed better than expected in both hot/muggy weather and cool weather.  It’s a pricey system but the energy costs are 35% lower approximately than what we’d been paying in our old house that was actually 500 sq. feet smaller.”

    Sully makes the point that when the systems you are considering are fairly equal in cost and performance, it is recommended you choose the contractor that has the best reputation and most experienced crews.  Ask for references, check with the Better Business Bureau or look at Angie’s List.  Since the quality of the installation is so important, this is essential.

    If you are interested, here’s the specs on the Carrier 25HCB6 Heat Pump:

    • Up to 16.5 SEER for cooling and 9.5 HSPF for heating.
    • Energy Star qualified and eligible for the extended federal energy efficiency tax credit.
    • 2-stage scroll compressor for maximum efficiency 50/100% operation.
    • Compressor blanket and other sound reduction features produce as little as 69db.
    • WeatherArmor coil guard offers good protection as well as louvered ventilation.
    • Hybrid Heat compatible – can be installed along with a furnace instead of an air handler.
    • Puron/R-410A refrigerant is chlorine-free and won’t damage the environment.
    • Units available from 2.0 to 5.0 ton cooling capacity and 24K to 60K Btuh heating.
    • Baked on powder coating for weather-resistance and appearance.
    • 10-year warranty on all parts when properly installed and registered.

    Enjoy Peak Efficiency with Professional Installation

    When you choose a high efficiency heat pump like the Carrier Comfort Series 25HCB6 you want to be sure that you are getting the 16.5/9.5 cooling and heating that you paid for.  The best way to do that is to hire a qualified contractor with excellent credentials to do the job.  Adjusting the components to work together to achieve the highest possible efficiency takes skill and experience and helps ensure that you will get the greatest energy savings and most durable performance from the system.

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