• Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5 Heat Pump Price

    Do you want a heat pump that delivers excellent efficiency yet is also very affordable?  The Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5 heat pump is just what the name implies – a solid, reliable and basic heat pump and it comes with a very respectable 15 SEER, enough to make it an Energy Star rated product.  It’s a popular choice with budget-minded homeowners looking for a dependable heat pump from one of the top brands on the market.  This HVAC prices post from Victor in Greys Creek, North Carolina from Buddy shares his Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5 heat pump price and his reasoning for choosing it.

    “When I got home recently from being deployed overseas, I hit the switch on the old heat pump and nothing happened.  With my family arriving the next day from the in-laws I wanted to get the house warmed up and certainly didn’t want to delay their arrival.  I called a repairman to come out and look it over, and he said the 15 year old unit was toast – the compressor had seized up, the coolant leaked out, etc.  He looked the whole thing over and assured me it was time for a new unit.  He made a call to his shop and the boss told him they couldn’t get to something like that till the next week, which was unacceptable to me.

    I called 4 contractors before I could line up someone to get this thing replaced immediately.  I told the Carrier guy my situation and he asked to call me back.  He rearranged the schedule for one of his crews and said they’d be there in the morning.  I had told the owner I wanted the cheapest high efficiency heat pump they had and he recommended the Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5.  After where I’d been living for 9 months I didn’t need anything fancy – just heat and cooling.  The crew of 3 arrived at 7 a.m. and by 2 p.m. the installation was done and the house was warming up.  When my wife and kids got there at 3:30 it was comfortable.  These guys saved the day for sure!  That was a month ago and the weather is warmer, but we’re still running the heat pump most nights and it’s doing a great job.  Here are the prices for the unit and installation:

    Carrier Base Series Model 25HBC5 3 ton / 36K Btu heat pump: $2,479

    Installation, $1,650; Total: $4,129

    Thanks again to the local Carrier guys for making this happen so I didn’t have to delay re-uniting with my family!”

    Thank you Buddy for sending your letter. It’s always cool to hear a story of great customer service, and also to get heat pump prices to add to our database.

    Here’s the specs on this solid Carrier heat pump:

    • Up to 15 SEER for cooling and 8.8 HSPF for cooling.
    • Dependable and efficient scroll compressor.
    • Compressor insulation blanket and noise reducing build means it runs at only 71 decibels.
    • Takes a standard thermostat or the Carrier Thermidistat.
    • Galvanized steel cabinet offers good protection to components and is powder-paint coated.
    • WeatherArmor is standard on all units; WeatherShield is available in coastal, salty areas.
    • Puron / R-410A environmentally save refrigerant is also more efficient than R22 it replaces.
    • Units available from 1.5 tons /18K Btu to 5.0 tons 60,000 Btu.
    • Heat strips available to boost heating.
    • 10-year limited warranty available when properly installed and registered.

    Keep your Carrier 25HBC5 Running Great with Proper Installation

    Do what Buddy did and hire a qualified contractor to handle the job of sizing up your home’s needs and installing the heat pump you select.  You’ll have greater assurance that the unit is installed properly and that it will give you the efficient, long-lasting service you’ve paid for.  And, if anything should go wrong, you’ll have the warranty in place and you’ll have someone to call to take care of the problem.

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