• Carrier Base Series Model 24abc6 Central Air Conditioner Price

    To many homeowners, Carrier has a reputation for making high-end, expensive central air conditioners.  They definitely have a few of those, but their product lineup also includes well-built yet affordable models like the Carrier Base Series Model 24abc6 with good efficiency and a 10 year warranty.  Gus in Plantation, FL sent an HVAC prices post in which he details the Carrier Base Series Model 24abc6 central air conditioner price he paid.

    “We bought and totally remodeled this house 8 years ago and put in a cheap HVAC system at the time.  We rarely use the gas furnace but the air conditioner gets a workout.  I think it’s a 10 SEER unit maybe.  Our bills are too high and near the end of last summer the A/C seemed to have trouble keeping up.  This winter I replaced it so it wouldn’t fail me in the middle of summer.  I’d like to replace the whole thing with a Carrier heat pump and air handler, but can’t afford it.  So I had 2 Carrier dealers out to give me central air conditioner prices.  The one outfit advertises heavily and does a lot of the swanky homes on the beach.  Their sales guy didn’t seem like he could be bothered to sell me a cheap Carrier and his price was $400 more than the other dealer, a small company with a shop on my neighborhood.  It was an easy decision for me.  He checked out my furnace and duct work, did his load calculation and suggested a half-ton larger size than I had, none of which the high-priced sales guy offered to do.  He was just going to swap out one 2.5 ton air conditioner for another.  I wasn’t surprised that the size of the original was wrong since I had guessed at it and bought a cheap unit from a discount place that is now out of business.

    Here’s the quote I went with on the unit:

    3-ton Carrier Base Series Model 24abc6 central air conditioner, $1,459

    Installation: $2,250; Total: $3,709

    The crew showed up a few days later and were very courteous, clean cut, everything you want.  They did a good job and were out of here by mid-afternoon.  The new air conditioner works wonderfully and the house is cool and the humidity is low, and that is saying a lot for south Florida this time of year.  The unit doesn’t have the Carrier communicating technology – but since I don’t even know what the heck that is (and I don’t want to talk to my air conditioner if that’s what it means), I don’t miss it.  This unit is already getting a serious workout and I love it.”

    That’s awesome, Gus!  At 16 SEER, that unit should definitely lower your cooling bills while keeping your home comfortable through the muggy Miami area summer.  Here are the key specs for the Carrier Base Series 24abc6 central air conditioner.

    • Up to 16 SEER, Tax Credit eligible, Energy Star product.
    • Single-stage, durable scroll compressor.
    • WeatherArmor louvered coil guard and tough galvanized steel cabinet.
    • Cabinet coated with baked on powder-paint for corrosion resistance and appearance.
    • Coastal models offered with WeatherShield advanced corrosion protection.
    • Uses Puron refrigerant that is environmentally safe.
    • Models available from 1.5 to 5.0 ton capacity.
    • 10-year limited parts warranty.

    Save More with Professional Installation

    It doesn’t matter whether you buy a top of the line Carrier Infinity or a Base Series model, it needs to be installed properly in order to work correctly.  An improperly installed unit will not achieve its maximum efficiency and will be more prone to failing.  Have a qualified contractor do the installation and you’ll ensure that you are getting the performance and energy saving you expect from your central air conditioner.

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