• Carrier Base 90 Gas Furnace Price

    Here’s a new letter we’ve received from our Share a Price page.  Thanks to Cassie in Billings, Montana for sending along her price information from the Carrier Base 90 gas furnace she purchased 18 months ago.  We’ve added the info to our growing database of HVAC Prices that provide accurate pricing for a wide variety of HVAC systems and components.  Here’s what Cassie had to say:

    Last year I built a daycare center here and wanted a high capacity, very basic furnace to heat it.  Most of the 3,200 square feet is open space, except for bathrooms and a small kitchen and office.  I consulted a couple of heating contractors and the best advice I got was to install the Carrier Base 90 gas furnace.  It’s not a fancy furnace, but it delivers lots and lots of heat and is a true work horse.  Plus, it was 40% less than the commercial furnace one contractor wanted to install.  The specs are pretty straightforward.

    Carrier Base 90 gas furnace

    138,000 Btu

    92% A.F.U.E. which is nice here where winters can be really cold

    Propane conversion kit

    SerpenTuff secondary heat exchanger designed for extra-long life

    Low-noise sealed combustion chamber

    Single-speed blower motor kicks it out very nicely

    Onboard self-diagnostics

    Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and 10 years on parts

    The cost of the furnace itself was $1379

    The cost of installation, including over 200 feet of duct work was $2,900

    Total: $4,279

    The commercial contractor’s bid was over $7,000 for the unit he wanted to install so I was pleased with the savings.  The furnace worked really well last year, and it was a cold winter, even by Billings standards!  So far this winter it is continuing to do a great job.  The temperature remains pretty consistent.  I’ll notice a small amount of rise and fall, but I’ve monitored the thermostat pretty closely and it’s never more than a few degrees.  Plus, I keep a separate thermometer at the far end of the building and the temps there are usually only 1 or 2 degrees cooler than nearer to the furnace, which I think is pretty good.

    A friend offered to install the furnace at a significant savings, but since it’s a daycare I went with a professional installer for liability reasons.  I’m glad I did because the furnace has exceeded expectations and I have to believe that having a pro install it has a lot to do with that. Plus, I’ve heard a few horror stories of DIY furnace installation.   I definitely recommend this furnace, and I’d be happy to give out the name of a qualified contractor here who did a great job!

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