• Carrier Base 80 Gas Furnace Price

    Carrier is one of today’s  most innovative HVAC companies and they continue to lead the technological way with their Infinity Series furnaces.  But they haven’t forgotten that there is a need for very basic, reliable furnaces for applications that don’t require the performance features of their top-end line – they just need to crank out the heat.  In a recent HVAC prices post we received, Josh in Garfield, Kentucky writes to give his Carrier Base 80 Gas Furnace price and what he’s using the furnace to do.

    “I run a small saw mill here for the elderly owner. We cut specialty hardwoods.  It’s housed in an insulated poll building that is over 2,500 square feet.  We do most of the sawing in the winter so need some heat.  We were using a wood-burning stove until the fire marshal told him he’d have to remove it with all this lumber around.  He put me in charge of finding a gas furnace to replace it.

    As I was getting together gas furnace prices, I saw that Goodman and Amana make good inexpensive gas furnaces but in the end I felt more comfortable going with the Carrier because of their long track record of quality.  The bid I got was for the Carrier Base 80:

    Carrier Base 80 110,000 Btu gas furnace, $975

    Installation with no duct work, $1,200

    Total: $2,175

    We also had it converted for use with propane and that kit was under $100.  We ran the duct work ourselves to various work stations and the furnace works great.  The barn is more evenly heated than it ever was with the radiant heat wood stove and it’s also nice to be able to regulate the temperature more easily.  I think we found the perfect gas furnace for what we needed.”

    This furnace is a work horse and as you can see, very affordable.  It’s offered in a wide range of sizes beginning at 44K Btu up to a big 154K Btu.  Here are the rest of the specifications:

    • 80% AFUE
    • Single-stage heating and single-speed blower motor.
    • SerpenTuff patented heat exchanger for reliability and durability.
    • Balanced, insulated blower motor as part of the entire QuieTech noise isolation design.
    • PowerHeat hot surface ignition.
    • Electronic control board with blower-delay to prevent cold blasts of air.
    • Direct-drive blower motor for efficient operation.
    • Multi-poise design for use in any setting.
    • Compact size for tight-spot installation.
    • 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger; 10 on all other parts.

    Have it Installed by a Pro

    It’s always best to have a qualified contractor install your HVAC system no matter how simple the application.  They’ve got the tools and know-how to install and adjust the furnace for best performance.  And there is less chance of a gas or carbon monoxide leak when it’s handled by someone who does it every day.  You’ll get the 80% efficiency you paid for and have the confidence that your Carrier Base 80 furnace is set up to give you durable performance for many years – and if not, has a valid warranty in place.

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