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  • 2011 Air Conditioner Buying Guide

    When considering the purchase of a new central air conditioner there are several things you look for.  They include: 1. Cost: You don’t want to overspend on equipment, but with quality equipment you get what you pay for. 2. Efficiency: You want an efficiency rating that’s right for you – a balance between cost and […]

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  • Trane High Efficiency XR15 Central Air Conditioner Price

    Trane’s lineup includes air conditioner models to fit any homeowner’s needs.  The Trane High Efficiency XR15 central air conditioner is not a top of the line model but it still delivers an impressive 17 SEER and is known as a workhorse unit.  Dale in Alamogordo, NM had one installed recently and shared his Trane High […]

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  • Trane Super Efficiency XL15i Central Air Conditioner Price

    Trane makes several series of central air conditioners so homeowners can choose the level of efficiency and the performance they need while staying within budget.  The Trane Super Efficiency XL15i central air conditioner is part of their second-best line and offers excellent performance features and a solid 16 SEER that will save from 25% to […]

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  • Trane Standard Efficiency XB14 Central Air Conditioner Price

    Homeowners looking for a quality Trane central air conditioner that is very affordable and still quite efficient often choose the Trane Standard Efficiency XB14.  It offers an Energy Star-qualifying 16.0 SEER that will lower cooling costs by 25% to 40% in many homes, giving you the chance to save on equipment costs and on your […]

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