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  • Ruud 13AJL Series Central Air Conditioner Price

    If you are looking for a quality air conditioner at a low price, one of the best available is the Ruud 13AJL central air conditioner that offers standard efficiency and very reliable performance.  This 13 SEER central air conditioner is a work horse if it needs to be, but it’s also a perfect fit for […]

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  • Ruud UAPL-JEZ Series Central Air Conditioner Price

    Ruud is known in the HVAC industry for making quality and dependable air conditioners like the Ruud UAPL-JEZ Series central air conditioner that give consumers their money’s worth in terms of reliability and performance.  This unit offers standard efficiency and a low purchase price relative to other brands and it’s just the kind of value-priced […]

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