• Bryant Legacy Line Model 215B 16 SEER Heat Pump Price

    Bryant makes an effort to cover the needs of a wide range of consumers with a diverse product line.  The Bryant Legacy Line Model 215B 16 SEER heat pump offers surprisingly good efficiency along with excellent affordability. It’s a great choice for value-oriented homeowners who want good reliability and performance.  That’s what Carl from Jefferson City, MO was thinking when he selected this model for his home.  His HVAC prices post give the Bryant Legacy Line Model 215B 16 SEER heat pump price he paid and the details.

    “Last year we completed our family with a surprise set of twins, and with 5 kids now it was time to find some more room in our home.  We love the house and neighborhood complete with a park and a great elementary school.  So we did what we had to do and added a second story to our ranch home.  We lived with my in-laws for 3 weeks while the worst of the construction was occurring.  One change I didn’t initially consider until the HVAC contractor who was running the duct work asked me about is was the need to put in a larger heat pump to heat and cool another 720 square feet of space!

    We looked at heat pump prices from several manufacturers but didn’t see anything to dissuade us from using another Bryant since the last one worked very well.  It was only 9 years old but couldn’t handle the extra space.  The best deal was on the Bryant Legacy Line 215B heat pump that isn’t real fancy but it is efficient – and that’s the key.  Since I didn’t include a new heat pump in the original budget for the project, I wanted to save money on the unit, which we did by going with Bryant’s most affordable line, but also on the installation.  I asked my very handy brother if he wanted to give it a go and he refused.  My Dad who is equally skilled didn’t want any part of it either.  I called a couple of local handymen and they both said HVAC installation was something they didn’t do.  I did some research online to find out why DIY guys shied away from heating and cooling.  That’s when I found this site and read some nightmare stories of DIY installation.  So I gave in and had a local Bryant dealer handle the installation.  Here are my costs for the project:

    Bryant Legacy Line Model 215B 16 SEER heat pump, 4 ton capacity: $2,849

    Matching air handler: $1,719

    Installation: $3,300

    Total: $7,868

    While I’m not thrilled about overlooking that expense originally, the new system does do a fantastic job and our home’s environment is always very comfortable.  Our energy bills are 15% lower even though were heating and cooling a larger home, and that makes me feel a little better each month!”

    Thanks for sharing your experience Carl.  You made the right choice to go with professional installation.  A DIY job might have cost your system efficiency and durability, only adding to your costs.  Here are the standard features of the Bryant Legacy Line Model 215B 16 SEER heat pump:

    • 16.0 SEER for cooling; 9.0 HSPF for heating.
    • Tax Credit / Energy Star.
    • Durable single-stage scroll compressor.
    • Puron refrigerant is safer for the environment and works more efficiently than older types.
    • Works with standard thermostat or Bryant Thermidistat.
    • DuraGuard system protects the internal components.
    • Sturdy cabinet is coated with powder paint to resist chips, fading and corrosion.
    • Models available from 1.5 / 18,000 Btu to 5.0 / 60,000 Btu capacity.
    • 10-year warranty on the compressor and all functional parts.

    Professional Installation is Worth the Cost

    While installation expenses may seem high, there is usually quite a bit of labor and materials that go into the process as well as the overhead that tools, training, equipment and insurance represents.  The key point, however, is that hiring a qualified contractor to handle the installation will give your system the best opportunity to perform up to its specs with high efficiency and excellent durability.  Cutting corners here, or using an inexperienced handyman or DIY enthusiast often costs more in the long-run.  Go with a pro and get the best from your Bryant Legacy Line Model 215B 16 SEER heat pump!

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