• Bryant Evolution Model 286B 17 SEER Heat Pump Price

    Bryant is one of the most respected names in the HVAC business and they continue to upgrade their product line with innovative technology and performance features.  They unite high efficiency with the ability to control the climate of your home and keep it comfortable 12 months of the year.  The Bryant Evolution Model 286B 17 SEER heat pump is an Energy Star rated product that will save most homeowners 40% or more on their heating and cooling costs when it replaces an older heat pump.  Juan in Riverside, CA recently had this model installed and he offers the Bryant Evolution Model 286B 17 SEER heat pump price he paid along with some helpful details.  Here is the HVAC prices post we received from him.

    “Like everyone else, I’m tightening the belt right now and trying to save money wherever I can.  My home had an old heat pump that I knew was on its last legs.  I wasn’t willing to risk having it fail on me mid-summer because I didn’t want to be without air conditioning in 100 degree heat or have to pay top dollar to have it replaced at the peak of the season.  So I did the proactive thing and had it replaced in the offseason.

    I had 3 different companies out to give me heat pump prices.  I told each of them my budget and let them make their best offer on the product they could sell me for the budget.  I had done my homework on this site and knew I wanted a unit with a 16-18 SEER that would give me a good combination of excellent efficiency, but lower equipment costs than the ultra-high efficiency models which I think are overpriced.  The Bryant dealer offered the best product and a very competitive price so it was easy for me to choose the Bryant Evolution 286B heat pump.

    According to the sales information, this is what it offers:

    • 17 SEER cooling rating; 9.5 HSPF heating rating.
    • An Energy Star Product.
    • Qualifies for the Federal energy efficiency tax credit.
    • Evolution control offers superior system coordination for balanced, efficient operation.
    • Uses Puron which is safe for the environment and performs better than older refrigerants.
    • 2-stage scroll compressor is quiet and efficient and produced more balanced heating and cooling.
    • Hybrid heat compatible for use with a gas furnace.
    • DuraGuard cabinet offers outstanding protection for internal components.
    • Cabinet is coated with baked-on enamel to resist chips and corrosion.
    • Units available from 2-5 ton capacity.
    • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all functional parts.

    My price:

    4 ton Bryant Evolution Model 286B heat pump, $3,000; Installation, $1,800.

    Total: $4,800

    I figured I saved about 15% by having the work done in the offseason and maybe 30% on my heating and cooling bill.  Plus I’ll get a tax credit which is much better than a tax deduction.  I think I got a great deal.  This heat pump’s performance exceeds my expectations.”

    Maximize your Savings

    It sounds like Juan is a savvy shopper and made a great decision to have the Bryant Evolution Model 286B 17 SEER heat pump installed.  He did all the right things by doing homework on brands and prices ahead of time, choosing a high efficiency model in a warm climate, getting the work done during a non-peak period and getting heat pump prices from at least 3 contractors.  Good job, Juan!  The last and maybe most important thing he did right was to hire a qualified contractor to install his Bryant Evolution Model 286B 17 SEER heat pump.  Having a professional install your HVAC equipment is the best way to ensure that the unit will give you the efficiency and durability you expect.  It always makes good long-term financial sense to use a professional contractor anytime you have heating and cooling work done!

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