• American Standard Platinum XV Oil Furnace Freedom 80 Comfort-R Variable-Speed Oil Furnace Price

    With the cost of fuel oil remaining relatively low and consistent there’s still a place for oil-burning furnaces like the American Standard Platinum XV Oil Furnace.  Doug in Scranton, Pennsylvania used our Share an HVAC price form to pass along the American Standard Platinum XV Oil Furnace Freedom 80 Comfort-R Variable-Speed Oil Furnace price he paid recently.  We’re adding new HVAC prices regularly to help you compare costs.

    “In this area home heating oil is very affordable and makes using an oil furnace a viable and affordable option.  When I did a price comparison on heating costs with propane and natural gas I figured I’ll come out ahead in the next 15-20 years.  Plus, I’ve read that oil furnaces can last quite a bit longer than gas furnaces when maintained regularly and they burn much cleaner than those from years ago – they don’t leave a sooty residue in the home.  We priced gas and oil furnaces from all the major brands and felt that for us the best long-term choice is an oil furnace.

    I found that Bryant, Carrier and others make fuel oil furnaces, something I didn’t know, and that oil furnace prices are pretty similar to gas furnace prices for comparable Btu models.  The model we chose is the American Standard Platinum XV Oil Freedom 80 Comfort-R Variable-Speed Oil Furnace.

    Two installers worked for 5-6 hours to get it installed.  When the initially fired it up it started and went out a few times and produced a ton of bluish smoke like a car burning oil.  That freaked me out. They said it needed adjustment and that it would be fine.  They worked on it another hour with the same results and then left for the day, saying they’d be back in the morning to get it right.  I immediately called the sales rep and then asked to speak with the head technician who turned out to be the owner.  I told him what happened and as we were talking the installers must have arrived. They confirmed things and the owner said he’d be out with them in the morning.

    When they got here the first thing they did was to get into the combustion chamber and give it a thorough cleaning.  They cleaned the vent stack as well.  Then the owner walked the other guys through the set up procedure again and in an hour it was running smoothly and producing clean, quiet heat just the way I hoped it would.  Apparently they had improperly adjusted air pressure levels and possibly something related to the fuel.  Thankfully they got it right and in 14 months of operation it has worked wonderfully.  Here’s the bottom line on the price.

    American Standard Platinum XV 87,000 oil furnace, $1,299.

    Installation, $2,350.

    Total: $3,649

    I think I may have been able to save on the installation cost if I’d shopped the job around once I settled on the American Standard furnace.  That’s my only caveat to the whole deal.  The furnace company did a 12 month maintenance check and cleaning for free after their initial problem with setup.  I’m very satisfied with the furnace’s performance.”

    We don’t get a lot of oil furnace prices so this one is really helpful for comparison sake.  Some of the key features of the American Standard Platinum XV Oil Freedom 80 furnace include:

    • Up to 82.7 Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE).
    • Variable speed motor runs slow when maintaining even heating and on high to boost temps when called for.
    • Insulated and sealed cabinet and chamber produces quiet, efficient combustion.
    • Comfort-R technology reduces summer humidity more effectively.
    • Good warranty offers extended coverage including labor.
    • Remote programming and monitoring is an available option.

    Doug’s letter is a reminder that even a qualified contractor may make mistakes in installation and set up. Still, quality installation is key to a furnace’s long-term performance and should be handled by a professional.  DIY installation is proven to create more problems than it is worth in most instances, and will also invalidate most warranties.  Have experienced contractors handle the job and keep them coming back until it’s done right if necessary.  Your furnace will give you more years and better heating when its properly installed and tuned.

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