• Amana SSZ16 Distinctions Heat Pump Price

    Amana has a leading reputation for high-quality products that perform as advertised, reliable units like the Amana SSZ16 Distinctions heat pump.  It sports the features that homeowners who want the ultimate in comfort will enjoy.  This HVAC prices submission from Liz in West Bloomfield, Michigan offers an Amana SSZ16 Distinctions heat pump price and additional details about the process of choosing it.

    “Our central air conditioner was getting pretty old and didn’t seem to keep up last summer so we decided to take advantage of the energy tax credits and install a new one before year’s end.  Our furnace is a newer Amana 95% efficient furnace.  Why the furnace and a/c are not the same age goes back 15 years and involves a large lawn mower, but that’s all my husband will let me say about it! After researching products on this site we decided to go with a heat pump instead of an air conditioner so that we’ll be able to take advantage of lower electric rates and still have the furnace for the very coldest weather.

    We were locked in to Amana so that it would be compatible with the furnace, but the furnace has worked so well and the Amana heat pumps rate pretty high, so that wasn’t an issue.  The contractor that installed our Amana furnace 4 years ago had retired and sold the business and the new owners had a terrible reputation when we checked around.  We called 2 other local Amana dealers out to look at it and give us heat pump prices. They both took notes on the house’s size, shape, windows, exterior, etc. They came back with differing recommendations however.  One suggested a 3 ton unit and the other suggested a 4 ton unit.  They’re rationale made sense in each case.  Seems our house is in between both sizes and from what we’ve read having too much trumps having too little.  We told the 3-ton guy that we were going to go with the 4-ton unit and he asked if he could quote that for us – and when he did, it was $275 less than what we had planned to pay.  So that’s the company we hired to do the work. 

    Here’s our quote:

    Amana SSZ16 Distinctions 4 ton heat pump, $2,024;

    Installation, $1,200; Total: $3,224

    The heat pump took a couple of hours to install and hook up to the furnace.  We used it to heat in the fall and it was great, but when the temps got real cold switched to the gas furnace.  We’ll probably use the heat pump again in the spring.”

    Thanks for sharing your story, Liz.  Sometimes contractors do interpret the data and calculations differently because sizing a unit is part science (home’s square footage, insulation factor, etc.) and art (home’s architecture, direction windows are facing, how much shade trees provide, etc).  That’s why it makes sense to get several estimates and have the contractors explain how they came to their conclusions.  By the way, here are the spec details on the Amana SSZ16:

    • 16 SEER for cooling; 9.5 HSPF for heating.
    • This Energy Star product qualifies for the extended federal tax credits for energy efficiency.
    • Uses eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant that does not contain chlorine.
    • Scroll compressor uses less electricity.
    • SmartShift technology is quiet and defrosts the unit with the help of a crankcase heater.
    • Filter dryer installed.
    • Short-cycle protection.
    • Unit protected by both low/high pressure switches.
    • Noise reduction achieved with foam compressor blanket, sound muffler and sound control top.
    • Limited lifetime compressor warranty; 10-year warranty on all other parts.

    Protect Your Investment with Quality Installation

    Liz and her family have an excellent system that will function well together to keep them comfortable and maintain low energy bills.  The key to getting the most performance and value from an HVAC system is to make sure that it is properly installed.  Efficiency can be lost and longevity severely affected by improper installation.  A qualified contractor with good experience will have your system performing as it should and delivering the service you paid to get.  Plus, you’ll have the confidence that your warranty will be honored if anything goes wrong during the period it is covered.

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