• Amana SSZ14 Distinctions Heat Pump Price

    Compared to older heat pumps, 14 SEER is excellent and will produce energy savings immediately.  The Amana SSZ14 Distinctions heat pump offers 14 SEER along with warmer air out of the register, a major step up from heat pumps of a decade ago.  This unit also comes with an affordable price tag, making it a popular choice for many homeowners wanting to lower their energy bills without putting out too much cash up front.  This HVAC prices post from Dan in Jonesboro, Arkansas shares the Amana SSZ14 Distinctions heat pump price he paid.  We hope this information is helpful as you consider your own HVAC system purchase.

    “We are remodeling a home here that had no ductwork and has been heated by coal or wood since it was built about 1880.  It’s been a labor of love to make this home livable.  It’s got great bones and some very unique architecture along with wood doors and trim.  We gathered heat pump prices and details from 3 different companies and really liked what Amana had to offer with the Amana SSZ14 Distinctions line.  It had the best blend of low price and good SEER.   Here’s the bid we went with:

    Amana SSZ14 Distinctions 2 ton / 24K Btu heat pump, coil and air handler: $2,689

    Installation, $2,500; Total: $5,189

    The installation was reasonable because there was no old unit to remove.  I did pay a concrete contractor $150 to drill a hole in the stone foundation.  The Amana contractor gave me the specs for the ductwork and plenum and we tackled that job ourselves.  We ran duct work in the basement to registers we cut into the floor (it’s a one-story).  The contractor did have to make adjustments to the plenum but otherwise said things looked good. Installation took 2 men less than a day.  The system was installed just in time to start drywalling and helped dry the mud.  It has exceeded expectations for keeping our home comfortable!  Here are some of the specs on the Amana SSZ14:

    • 15  SEER for cooling and 9.o HSPF for heating.
    • Energy Star / qualifies for energy efficiency tax credit.
    • 3 ton cooling and 24,000 Btu’s heating, though sizes to 5 ton/60,000 Btu are available.
    • Scroll compressor for best efficiency.
    • R410A Refrigerant (Puron, I think)
    • Compressor sound blanket, muffler, sound control top and insulated cabinet for low noise operation.
    • Defrost achieved with SmartShift.
    • Compressor crankcase heater, suction line accumulator, filter dryer all installed.
    • Pressure switches for both high and low pressure situations.
    • Lifetime warranty on the compressor; 10-year warranty on everything else.

    This is a workhorse little unit and I recommend it.”

    Get Great Results with Quality Installation

    It sounds like Dan is a handy guy.  You may wonder why he didn’t tackle the install.  He didn’t say, but often those with DIY skills realize that specialized skills and even tools that most guys don’t have are required for the job.  Plus, some manufacturers require a certified dealer to install the unit or the warranty will be voided.  It always makes sense to have a qualified contractor handle the work.  It’s the best way to get the best results from your purchase in terms of performance, energy economy, reliability and even safety.  When you get all of these things from your unit and it lasts as long as it should, you’ll agree that professional installation is money well spent.

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