• Amana model ASXC18 18 SEER Central Air Conditioner Price

    The Amana brand has been around for many decades and now stands for excellent quality and affordable prices.  The Amana model ASXC18 18 SEER Central Air Conditioner also offers high-tech ComfortNet Communications between components when part of a complete system.  Functions like unit charging and air flow are optimized for maximum comfort and performance.  Timothy in Huntington, IN passed along the Amana model ASXC18 18 SEER Central Air Conditioner price he paid and we’re glad to share it with you.  Take a look at our HVAC prices articles as you compare prices and brands when considering your next purchase. Here’s Timothy’s note:

    “We built a new home last year in a small subdivision outside of town and had our choice from the builder of three different HVAC systems from Trane, Carrier and Amana.  The research I did on this site and other sites brought me to the conclusion that the Amana system offered the best combination of performance and value.  This is what is offered on the A/C unit we chose, the Amana model ASXC18 central air conditioner:

    • 18.0 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.
    • Energy Star rated and Tax credit eligible.
    • R-410A environmentally safe refrigerant.
    • ComfortNet Communications system in an option.
    • Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor with 2-stage operation.
    • ComfortAlert diagnostics with fault-code storage.
    • Easy color-coded terminal strip for connecting non-communicating components.
    • Temperature sensors lead to more balanced cooling without temperature swings.
    • Filter dryer to efficiency and longevity.
    • 2-speed condenser fan for quieter operation.
    • Limited lifetime replacement warranty on the compressor: the entire condensing unit will be replaced if the compressor ever fails.  Limited to the original owner in the original single-family home.   10-year limited warranty on all other parts.

    The builder gave us a single price on the system but was good enough to break it down for me when I called him.  Here’s what he said after calling the dealer:

    Amana ASXC18 4 ton central air conditioner with matching Amana coil and 95% AFUE Gas Furnace: $5,000

    Installation: $2,400.  Total: $7,400

    I’m a gadget hound and enjoy learning how things go together.  The installation crew was made up of a nice guy in his mid-20’s and a crusty old guy who had to be pushing retirement age.  Buster was his name. He was the boss of the crew and let me know it when I addressed a question to the young man about how long he thought they’d be there.  I was watching the install and I could tell that bugged him.  I asked a few questions and he got pretty snappy, though he certainly knew his stuff.  The younger guy chuckled until the boss man gave him the eye.  Anyway, I let it drop though I felt like complaining to the builder.  That was the worst of it.  The system works as advertised and seems perfectly sized for our home.  Through one complete year of heating and cooling there were no problems.”

    Protect your Family and your System with Quality Installation

    Every company seems to have a guy like Buster, doesn’t it?  Like Timothy said, they usually know their stuff and it’s often better to just get out of the way and let them do it!  It’s also important to use a qualified contractor with good experience when installing any HVAC components or a complete system.  Proper installation is vital when wiring is done or when gas or carbon dioxide leaks must be avoided.  Plus, a correctly installed system will work at peak efficiency and give you the energy savings, performance and longevity you paid to receive.  So when you are scouting out the best central air conditioning prices, don’t forget the importance of finding the right installer to do the job properly.

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