• Amana Model ASX14 14 SEER Central Air Conditioner Price

    Amana produces a solid lineup of air conditioners that cover range from top of the line to budget-oriented models.  The Amana Model ASX14 14 SEER central air conditioner is right the middle, a good mix of quality and efficiency.  It’s an excellent choice for consumers that do not need a high efficiency unit, but one that is dependable.  Geoff in DeWitt, MI offers this Amana Model ASX14 14 SEER central air conditioner price as well as his reasons for choosing this model.  If you’d like to offer any type of HVAC prices you can do it quickly and easily by using our Share an HVAC page at the top.  Thanks in advance!

    “We’ve been trying to sell our home here on and off for 4 years, actually to downsize now that a couple of the kids have been successfully launched into their careers.  The market is horrible still, so a few months ago when our latest listing ran out we decided to ride it out here for a while longer – though hopefully not forever, lol! Having made that decision, we chose a couple of projects to invest in to make the house more livable.  My wife picked the master bath to redo and I opted for a new central air conditioner.  We always got by on window units but they are old and have ruined a couple of window sills, so it’s a good time to go with a whole-house model.  I had local Trane, Carrier, Ruud and Amana dealers over to give me central air conditioner prices and they were all over the map.  Only the Ruud and Amana guys seemed to get that I wasn’t made of money and wanted a value-based unit that wasn’t junk.  I think dealers see the size of your house or drive into your neighborhood and starting planning what they’re going to try to sell you.

    The Amana brand is one I’ve read about on this site – the warranty is fantastic, and while I hope to never have to use it, I’m glad to know it’s there.  After looking over the bids I called the Amana dealer and scheduled the work.  They came 3 or 4 days later and installed the unit.  They had some definite trouble getting the refrigerant lines into the house and I think they ruined a hammer drill in the process, but eventually got it done.  They tested the unit (it was maybe 30 degrees outside) and it worked fine, but the real test will be in a month or so when the weather heats up.  Here’s what I paid (which was more than 1K less than my wife spent on the bathroom!):

    4 ton Amana ASX14 central air conditioner and coil: $2,279

    Installation: $1850; Total: $4,129.

    I’m not thrilled about being stuck in this house but we’re committed to five more years unless the housing market dramatically changes.  Until then, we’ll be more comfortable, and the water-jet tub is awesome!”

    Going from using window units to having a central air conditioner makes a lot of difference – having balanced, cool temperatures throughout the house rather than cold and warm spots.  The Amana should serve them well.  Its primary features are:

    • 14 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating
    • Single-stage scroll compressor is durable and quiet.
    • Uses R-410A refrigerant.
    • Sound control top, compressor blanket and other noise-reduction features included.
    • Louvered sides for easy maintenance, cleaning and repair.
    • Durable heavy-gauge steel cabinet for greater protection.
    • Powder-coat paint resists corrosion and fading in the sun.
    • Lifetime limited condensing unit replacement warranty on the compressor; 10-year warranty on all other parts.

    Get the Best Performance from Your New Air Conditioner

    It’s often been said that any HVAC component or system is only as good as the installation.  What that means is that quality installation allows the system to run at peak efficiency and with the greatest durability, while a poor job may threaten both.  Hiring a qualified contractor to install your Amana ASX14 central air conditioner, or whatever model you choose, will help you get the value from the unit that you paid for.

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