• Amana GSZ13 Distinctions Heat Pump Price

    The wide range of quality heat pumps available today mean that there is a unit for everyone – whether they want a top of the line model with advanced performance features or a budget-priced heat pump that will still do a fantastic job.  The Amana GSZ13 Distinctions heat pump falls in the latter category – a quality Amana model that heats and cools without a lot of expensive extras.  This HVAC prices submission came through our Share and HVAC price page from Sophia near Vancouver, WA.  Here is her Amana GSZ13 Distinctions heat pump price and her story of why this unit makes sense in her situation.

    “Last year when my Dad passed away we moved my Mom into a small home we purchased a few doors from us.  She wanted a place of her own because even though she’s 84, she still enjoys entertaining in her home and ‘didn’t want to keep us up to all hours!’ she’d say with a chuckle.  So we got her settled there and the next week the furnace quit.

    We looked into replacing the furnace with a traditional gas unit but the electric company here is offering rebates and the rates are quite low.  We opted for a heat pump system instead.  Not knowing how long we’ll be using the home, we chose the least expensive unit that would still do a good job keeping Mom comfortable in all seasons.  The heat pump prices research we did on this site and elsewhere led us to the Amana GSZ13 Distinctions heat pump and matching coil and air handler.  Our total costs were:

    Amana GSZ13 Distinctions 2 ton heat pump, $1,100

    Matching air handler and coil, $1,600

    Installation, including removing the old system, $3,000

    Total: $5,700

    It took a crew parts of 2 days to install it.  Mom stayed with us and I didn’t pay close attention to their schedule.  I went down with Mom to check it out and learn how to use the thermostat.  They had it running and it was doing its job.  It’s been very reliable in both heating and cooling.”

    Thanks for your letter Sophia. That’s a solid performer that should keep electric bills reasonable and it offers good value – a quality heat pump for $1,000 is tough to beat.  It also has a number of features not found in many units in that price range.  Here are the important specs on the Amana GSZ13 Distinctions:

    • 13 SEER cooling and 7.7 HSPF cooling.
    • Single stage compressor is efficient and quiet.
    • Uses R-410A refrigerant that is chlorine free and won’t harm the ozone layer.
    • SmartShift technology is quiet and keeps the unit defrosted.
    • Standard equipment includes: line filter dryer, suction line accumulator, brass service valves, sound muffler and compressor crankcase heater.
    • Equipped with short-cycle protection to prevent freeze-up.
    • Aluminum fin foil.
    • Sound control top.
    • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and all parts.

    Get Your Money’s Worth with Quality Insulation

    Saving the most money on a heat pump is best achieved by hiring a qualified contractor to do the installation.  Poor installation is costly in terms of lowered energy efficiency and often, reduced durability of the unit. When the unit is installed correctly, you’ll have the confidence you are getting peak performance and can expect years of solid service from your Amana GSZ13 Distinctions, or whatever unit you choose.

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