• Amana GMVC8 Distinctions Gas Furnace Price

    In these challenging economic times, immediate affordability is often at the top of consumer’s lists of factors they consider when choosing a gas furnace, and the Amana GMVC8 Distinctions furnace is a great value.  That’s the backdrop to this account sent to us by Trace in New Orleans.  We appreciate him taking the time to share the Amana GMVC8 Distinctions gas furnace price of his recent purchase.

    “Things are still rough down here in the gulf and I’ve been out of work since the hurricane, basically.  That’s why when the old furnace blew I simply couldn’t afford to replace it with anything fancy or expensive.  I called 2 local companies that sent out salespeople who tried to sell us on expensive furnaces.  We live in a nice house – which we’re hanging onto by the skin of our teeth – and I think they saw us as an easy mark for a big sale.  Maybe I’m being skeptical.  The third contractor took the time to listen to our story and told us he had a great furnace for us, the Amana GMVC8 Distinctions gas furnace.  As features he listed:

    • Excellent price (see below).
    • Up to 80% efficiency, high enough for the limited heating we do here.
    • Great warranty – Lifetime on the heat exchanger with 10-year furnace replacement if it fails, 10 years on everything else.
    • Two stage burner for fuel efficiency and consistent temperatures.
    • Variable speed fan produces balanced heating and runs on low much of the time so it’s quiet.
    • Silicon nitride glow plug has good longevity.
    • Btu sizes are 70,000, 90,000 and 115,000.
    • Humidity control for hot weather – fan runs at low speed to keep air moving and dry it out.  Great for N.O. summers!
    • Tested at factory to ensure its performance.

    The furnace being quiet is a big plus since it is installed in a utility closet on the first floor – no basement to our home due to flood potential.  This is the quote he gave us and when the job was done, this is what we paid.  No hidden costs or unexpected expenses:

    Amana GMVC8 Distinctions 90,000 Btu gas furnace, $975, plus $1,500 installation.  Total $2,475.

    The other two quotes were over $3,000 so we did well. Plus the Amana warranty is better than the other two brands.  Hopefully we’ll be able to add the a/c component before it gets hot and muggy here in the Big Easy.”

    We hope so too, Trace.  Check our HVAC prices for air conditioning units when the time comes.  It’s great to hear that you found a qualified contractor who was concerned about your agenda, not just their own.  Having a contractor you can trust gives any homeowner the confidence that their furnace is installed correctly and will deliver the kind of performance it is rated to provide.  When you establish a relationship with a good contractor don’t hesitate to call them with any questions you have about your system and have them come out yearly to make sure your furnace is still in tune and giving you the performance it should.

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