• Amana GMS8 / GDS8 Distinctions Gas Furnace Price

    Homeowner, builders and contractors looking for a standard efficiency gas furnace that offers good value often select the Amana GMS8 / GDS8 Distinctions Gas Furnace.  It has good performance features, a solid track record of dependability and the best warranty in the industry.  Matt in Evans, Georgia took a moment to send this letter to us for our HVAC Prices collection detailing the Amana GMS8 / GDS8 Distinctions gas furnace price.  It shares the price he paid in more ways than one.

    “Great site!  I am in the process of having a new furnace installed and your info helped me narrow down my options. Four years ago I bought an older home and replaced the furnace as part of the repairs it needed, installing it myself with my dad’s help.  At the time I thought nothing of it.  This fall, with the first of the cold weather, it quit working.  I couldn’t get anything from it.  I had three separate repairmen out and they all diagnosed it as having an improperly installed vent, a bad motherboard, a bad burner caused by inefficient combustion, and in need of a thorough cleaning due to the combustion problem.  It was black inside.

    The totals were all over $800, with no guarantee they wouldn’t find other issues once they got deeper into it.  Two of them asked me, “who installed this furnace?” with one adding, “because they didn’t know what they were doing. No wonder it died.”  I said, “Oh, a couple of guys I know.”  Guess what, though the furnace was less than 5 years old, none of them could fix it under its 10-year warranty because I couldn’t show it had been installed by a certified contractor.

    In brief, rather than to fix a furnace that apparently had multiple issues I decided to start from scratch with a new one installed by a professional.  The contractor who seemed most on top of things suggested an Amana and after doing some calculations of our large home gave me a quote on the Amana GMS8 / GDS8 Distinctions.  He listed the benefits:

    • Good efficiency at 80% AFUE.
    • Stainless steel Million Air heat exchanger.
    • Sizes for any job – Btu’s: 45K, 70K, 90K, 115K and 140K
    • 2-stage operation creates smoother transitions to heating mode, running on low most of the time.
    • Quieter with more balanced heating.
    • 4-speed blower for efficiency and low-noise operation, plus consistent heating throughout the home.
    • Electronic control board with self-diagnosing technology will detect a problem before it causes damage.
    • Excellent warranty for original owner: Lifetime furnace replacement if the heat exchanger ever fails, 10 years on part.

    We went with his quote and had it installed:

    Amana GMS8 / GDS8 Distinctions 115,000 Btu gas furnace, $1,469.  Installation, $2,150.  Total: $3,619

    Your site often recommends using a pro to install the furnace and I guess I’m a believer now.  The new furnace is working fine and my utility bills are down, probably because I’m getting the 80% efficiency I should be.”

    Thanks for sharing the painful lesson Matt.  We push professional installation to help our readers protect their investment and in some cases much more, since improper installation may lead to venting problems that can cause fire or carbon monoxide leaks.  By the way, even if a qualified contractor does install your furnace, place a CO detector nearby to monitor your system for dangerous leaks.

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