• Amana GCH9/95 Distinctions — 95% AFUE Gas Furnace Price

    The Amana GCH9/95 Distinctions — 95% AFUE gas furnace has plenty of offer a homeowner in terms of performance and value.  Getting a price for it without having a dealer come out to your home can be a challenge.  That’s true for most brands and a big reason this site exists – to offer you accurate HVAC prices based on the experience of others.  We hope that, coupled with our reviews, they help you narrow your choices as you consider which system is best for you.  Help other readers, like Dave from Allentown, PA did, and take a moment to fill out our Share an HVAC Price form so others can gain insight from your experience.

    Dave writes regarding the Amana GCH9/95 Distinctions — 95% AFUE gas furnace price:

    “We wrapped up a new home project here in August and put in an Amana GCH9/95 Distinctions gas furnace.  I researched furnaces and it was easy for me to see that Amana offered the best value in the market.  Good reviews from contractors, consumers and independent testers, plus very competitive pricing.  One contractor suggested a more expensive brand but when I asked him if that brand’s warranty could match Amana’s he had to admit it could not.  Here are the two bids I debated for the 2,200 sq. ft. 2-story with finished basement:

    Amana GCH9/95 Distinctions 92,000 Btu gas furnace, $1,229; Installation, $1,775;

    Total: $3,104

    Amana GCH9/95 Distinctions 115,000 Btu gas furnace, $1,450; Installation, $1,950; Total: $3,400

    The contractor who suggested the smaller capacity furnace used his manuals, J & D I believe, to calculate the size.  The other guy simply looked around and said, ‘this is a big house.  You’ll need a big furnace.’  I know having an undersized furnace is hard on the furnace and won’t keep the house optimally comfortable.  But I’ve heard over-sizing the furnace can be a problem too.  So I called our utility company and they actually have a person who comes out and does the same kind of precise calculations the first contractor did, along with a whole-house energy audit.  Cost me $150 which I considered a good investment.  I want the right size furnace.  He concurred that the smaller furnace would match my needs best.  That’s the furnace we had installed.  It’s been heating our home very comfortably this first winter, with surprisingly low energy usage – and utility bills.  Hope this helps others make a good decision based on the facts of their situation.”

    We’re sure it will Dave.  Enjoy your Amana GCH9/95 Distinctions.  It’s a dandy.  For the rest of you, here’s what it features:

    Up to 95% AFUE for low energy consumption and savings on utilities.

    Eligible for the federal energy efficiency tax credits as a qualified Energy Star furnace.

    2-stage operation that saves energy by running on low the majority of the time.

    Multi-speed fan for balanced comfort and quiet functioning.

    Low speed fan switch keeps air circulating for the most balanced heat throughout your home.

    Steel cabinet made from heavy-gauge material and fully insulated.

    Limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger which includes furnace replacement if it fails in first 10 years.

    10-year limited warranty on all parts.  Extended warranty that covers labor is available.

    Dave’s letter points out the need to have a qualified contractor who takes his work seriously a part of the entire process.  When you are working with a professional you’ll get the best installation, greatest efficiency, peak performance and have trained help should you have questions, or need maintenance or repairs.  Get the most bang for your buck with professional installation.

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