• Amana ASZC18 18 SEER Heat Pump Price

    Amana is one of the oldest HVAC companies in the country but rather than resting on their achievements they continue to put their resources into the development of newer, more efficient products.  The Amana ASZC18 heat pump offers high 18 SEER efficiency and a price point that is surprisingly low.  This letter from Max in Scarsdale, New York gives the Amana ASZC18 18 SEER heat pump price and we provide the details.  We appreciate any HVAC prices our readers can send our way so that others can benefit from their real-life buying experiences.

    “Great site!  I did a ton of research on heat pump prices before choosing the Amana ASZC18 heat pump for our 2-story home.  It seemed to me that Amana offers a dynamic duo of solid equipment and reasonable cost.  When I decided to replace our old system I called the Amana dealer along with the Lennox and Carrier guys.  The bids I got confirmed the research I had done.  Amana came in 10-12% less, and for equipment that is rated just as highly.  I also checked out the Amana dealer on Angie’s list and the reviews were pretty positive.  In fact, there was only one bad review and I asked the sales guy what happened in that instance (which was spelled out in detail on Angie’s).  He, I think honestly, told me that 6 months earlier they had been very busy and understaffed so the owner hired a guy who seemed to have good experience.  He turned out to be a dud and after the aforementioned bungled job they canned him.  Since the 4 other reviews were excellent I took his word for it and signed them up to my installation.

    The company sent a crew of 3 to do the work.  Two of them worked inside while the other handled the outside tasks – according to my son.  When I walked in about 6:30 they were wrapping up a long day and putting the system through its paces.  They showed me how to use the thermostat and a few other details.  The system has worked as advertised and we’ve saved an average of 6% on our whole house energy bills – and I would estimate about 15% on just the heating/cooling costs.

    The bid we went with:

    Amana ASZC18  4.0 ton/ 48K Btu heat pump with matching coil and air handler: $4,659

    Installation: $2,455;  Total Cost: $7,114

    I’d recommend the Amana ASZC18 split system heat pump to anyone.”

    Thanks Max, for taking the time to write.  Here’s what you’ll get with this heat pump:

    • Up to 18.0 SEER for cooling and 9.5 HSPF for heating.
    • Tax credit from the federal energy efficiency program.
    • Energy Star rated.
    • Compatible with the Amana Comfort Net Communication system.
    • Copeland 2-stage compressor for maximum efficiency and quiet operation.
    • 2-speed condenser motor.
    • SmartShift Cycle technology for better performance.
    • Built-in Comfort Alert self-diagnostics.
    • Compressor defroster included.
    • Filter Dryer.
    • High capacity sound muffler.
    • High and low pressure switches.
    • Lifetime limited warranty: If the compressor fails, Amana will replace the entire heat pump for the original owner in the original residence.  10-year limited warranty on all other parts.

    Protect Your Investment by Having a Pro Install It

    As you can see, this is a technologically advanced heat pump capable of both high efficiency and very comfortable performance.  You’ll pay more for these features than you would for a more basic heat pump, and when you do you’ll want to make sure you’re maximizing your ROI in terms of your home’s climate!  Have a professional, qualified contractor size your unit and install it to best ensure that you will get the 18.0 SEER and 9.5 HSPF you’ve paid for.  Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your warranty will be honored if anything goes wrong, and you’ll have a pro on hand to handle the regular maintenance that will help you get the greatest performance and longevity from your system.

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