• Amana ASZ16 16 SEER Heat Pump Price

    Amana makes deluxe models in all kinds of appliances, and heat pumps and air handlers are no different.  The Amana ASZ16 16 SEER demonstrates quality design and build in all of its particulars.  When installed as part of a total Amana HVAC system it is highly efficient and packs a number of features to assure comfort and long-term performance.  We received an HVAC prices quote from Phil in Emporia, Kansas who recently had this unit installed in his home.  Here’s the Amana ASZ16 16 SEER heat pump price along with other helpful details.

    “Early last summer our central air conditioner broke and we chose not to fix it.  In fact the whole system was more than 20 years old so we decided to replace the whole shootin’ match.  Instead of the traditional furnace and air conditioner system we opted for heat pump and air handler.  Why?  Mostly because we’d never had one before and figured we’d try something new.  They are also doing a lot with wind energy in our area and we hope to see some pretty cheap electric prices here in the next 5 years or less.

    I looked at Lennox, Goodman and Trane heat pump prices as well as Amana, and what made me decide on the Amana was that it had the right balance of quality and cost (value) and the fact that the Amana dealer was by far the most informed and helpful of the bunch.  I know whatever system we chose would have to be installed properly for us to get the energy efficiency we’re supposed to.  Here’s what we bought:

    Amana ASZ16 3 ton heat pump with air handler — $3,100

    Installation — $3,250

    Total: $6,350

    The 3 person crew got here in the early afternoon and got to work, quitting about 7 p.m.   They were back at 8:30 the next day and wrapped it up by mid-afternoon.  What all they did I’m not sure.  The system wouldn’t cool at first but the problem turned out to be with the thermostat.  They tried a second one and we were in business.  Our home was always comfortable last summer and the system has worked very well in winter weather as well.  Our energy bills are down significantly over what we were paying with the ancient system we replaced.”

    Here are the specs on the Amana ASZ16 in case you want to take a closer look:

    • Up to 16 SEER cooling capacity and 9.5 HSPF heating capacity.
    • Eligible for the federal energy efficiency tax credit and an Energy Star product.
    • Equipped for ComfortNet Communications that synchs all system components for maximum performance.
    • 2-stage scroll compressor from Copeland.
    • 2-speed condenser fan motor.
    • Short-cycle protected with SmartShift.
    • Sound muffler reduces noise.
    • Suction line accumulator.
    • Uses eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant.
    • Self-diagnostics capable of storing 6 default codes.
    • Filter dryer for better performance and longevity.
    • Compressor crankcase heater prevents freeze-up.
    • Lifetime limited warranty on the compressor includes unit replacement; 10-year warranty on other parts.

    Get the Most with Quality Installation

    Phil made the point in his letter that he chose the Amana as much for the quality of the installation he believed he would get as for the unit itself.  This makes a lot of sense.  Having a unit properly installed by a qualified contractor is the key to safe, high-performance operation and maximum energy efficiency.  The pros have the tools and skills to do it right and you’ll enjoy the benefits in terms of cost savings and climate comfort.

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