• Amana ASZ13 13 SEER Heat Pump Price

    Amana is one of the brands that cost-conscious consumers choose consistently.  But don’t mistake affordable for cheap.  The Amana ASZ13 13 SEER heat pump is highly rated and backed by a very solid 10-year warranty that is as good as those offered by Carrier and Lennox, considered among the top brands in the industry.

    In this installment of our HVAC prices series, we share a post from Lewis in Jefferson City, Missouri.  He gives the Amana ASZ13 13 SEER heat pump price he paid and how he came to his decision – and more!

    “We’re not the greenest folks around but are interested in doing more.  So last year we decided to retire our 15 year old 80% efficient gas furnace.  We made the decision to go with a heat pump and air handler equipped with a 20kw heat kit because there’s been a lot of talk in the city about clean energy initiatives and trying to get power from renewable sources.  If the cost of electricity comes down in the next 5-10 years I want to take advantage of that, as well as continue to move toward a more green lifestyle.

    After researching heat pump prices within our budget we opted for the Amana ASZ13 with matching air handler and auxiliary heat kit.  Here are the costs:

    Amana ASZ13 4 ton/48,000 Btuh complete heat pump system: $2,989

    Installation: $3,350; Total: $6,239

    What I should have done was do a better job researching the heating and cooling company.  The owner left a message on our voice mail at 9 p.m. the night before the scheduled date for installation, saying they would have to change their day, as an emergency had arisen.  When I called the office the next morning the receptionist let it slip that the owner had been given the opportunity to play golf at one of the nicer private courses in the area.  Perhaps to the avid golfer that qualifies as an emergency – to this disgruntled customer it did not.  I didn’t want to hassle with finding a new contractor, or get the receptionist in trouble, so when he called that evening to reschedule I played dumb.  Seems his schedule was tight for the next few days and then he was leaving on long-awaited 10-day fishing vacation.  We scheduled for almost 3 weeks out and I hung up.

    The next morning, I got on the phone and called 2 other Amana dealers in the area.  I met with them both at the house and one of them recommended the same system while another was pushing a more efficient system that was out of our budget.  The contractor offering the same system came in $200 above the quote from the contractor/sportsman.  I showed him the written estimate and he agreed to match the price.  The system was installed and functioning smoothly by the week’s end.  In addition, I gave my brother-in-law the contractor’s number and he hired him to do repairs in 2 of his rental properties and replace a furnace in a third, so I think the guy more than covered the $200 he nixed from my bill.  In conclusion, the night before the fisherman was to show up at my house, I called him about 8 p.m. and cancelled!”

    We can certainly understand Lewis’ annoyance with the “contractor/sportsman.”  Sometimes legitimate things do come up with contractors just like they do for all of us, but playing golf doesn’t fit the criteria most of us would be happy with.  Back to the Amana ASZ13, here are its details:

    • Up to 13 SEER when properly installed.
    • Quality scroll compressor that reduces energy use.
    • R-410A refrigerant that does not contain ozone-damaging chlorine.
    • SmartShift technology to enhance short-cycle protection.
    • 2-speed condenser fan motor for quiet and efficient operation.
    • Factory installed filter dryer, suction line accumulator, high-pressure and low-pressure switches.
    • Sound-reducing foam compressor cover and high capacity sound muffler.
    • Sound control top for reduced noise.
    • Compressor crankcase heater.
    • Components that have been rigorously tested for durability.
    • 10-year limited warranty.

    Choose the Right Installer for the Best Performance

    It is important to choose a qualified contractor to install your heat pump system.  They have the training, experience and specialized tools to do the job properly, assuring the best performance, peak comfort and greatest longevity from the system.  Improper installation can lead to system failure or even to dangerous situations.  Choosing a qualified professional with a good reputation is the best way to get the service you expect from your new heat pump.

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