• Amana AMVC95 — 95% AFUE Gas Furnace PriceAmana AMVC95 — 95% AFUE Gas Furnace Price

    Today, many homeowners are choosing a high efficiency gas furnace to deal with the rising cost of natural gas and propane.  Others, while enjoying the energy savings, also want to produce fewer greenhouse gases.  That’s a big part of why Del and Amy in Arlington Heights, Illinois chose the Amana AMVC95 – 95% AFUE gas furnace.  We’ve added their note to our HVAC prices database and you’ll find it below.

    The Amana AMVC95 has a lot to offer besides fuel economy.  Its standard features include:

    Energy Star qualifying 95% efficiency

    Size options from 44,000 Btu to 111,000 Btu

    The Million Air stainless steel, dual-diameter heat exchanger

    Variable speed circulator motor for increased efficiency and decreased noise

    ComfortNet Communications System for programming and synching components

    Self-diagnostics in the electronic control board

    SureStart Ignition made from silicon nitride

    Warm weather dehumidifying capability with Auto-comfort mode

    Factory testing to ensure perfect performance

    Now to Del and Amy’s letter:

    “Greetings from Chicagoland!  We should say upfront that we’re not as “green” as we’d like to be, but we are making changes where we can to use fewer non-renewable resources and produce less greenhouse gas.  A simple way to do it for us was to have a whole-house energy audit done on our 2,200 s.f. two story and follow its recommendations.  They included replacing windows, adding a layer of insulation to our attic and replacing our 15 y.o. gas furnace.  Not only are we already seeing savings on our energy bill – meaning we’re using less fuel – we saved money with rebates and tax credits!

    We consulted several heating and cooling companies about the best furnace for our situation, and 2 out of the 4 suggested the Amana AMVC95.  When we confirmed its reliability by doing some online research (that’s how we found newhvac.com, btw), we selected it and chose the less expensive contractor to install it (we checked him out, too).

    Here’s what we paid:

    For the Amana AMVC95 88,000 Btu furnace: $1,899

    For removal of old furnace, installation of new: $2,300

    For an APRILAIRE 2410 air cleaner: $150

    Total: $4,349

    We feel like we got a real win-win situation.  Our home is more comfortable than ever before, we’re saving money on our utility bills, and we’re using a furnace that is better for the environment.  Something we learned from the installer.  He said that doing the installation and setup of the furnace properly guarantees that it will perform as it should and deliver the 95% efficiency it is designed for.  He also said a furnace should be cleaned and “tuned” every few years by a qualified contractor so that it continues to work efficiently.  Thanks for letting us share, and thanks to our contractor who did a fantastic job!”

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