• Amana AMH8 TwinComfort, Multi-Speed Gas Furnace Price

    Amana makes value-priced gas furnaces with performance features usually found in higher priced brands, and it backs its furnaces like the Amana AMH8 with the best warranty currently available.  Here’s an Amana AMH8 TwinComfort, Multi-Speed gas furnace price sent to us by Rafael in Tampa, Florida.  We appreciate this note and all of the HVAC prices we receive from readers.

    “Needed a new furnace this year so started shopping around for something reliable and basic for our home in Tampa.  We’re ‘snow birds’ from Minnesota and spend December through April here, so really just need something that will keep us warm through the winter.  We have a 10-year old Amana in our MN home that is an absolute workhorse, so I’m sold on them.  I did consult contractors about other brands but heard nothing that even came close to changing my mind.  Here are two quotes I received.

    1. Amana AMH8 70,000 Btu gas furnace with 4-ton blower, $829; Installation, $1,475; total: $2,304

    2. Amana AMH95 69,000 Btu gas furnace with 4-ton blower, $1,429; Installation, $1,650; total: 3,079

    The contractor pushed the 95% efficient model saying that we might want to add a high efficiency a/c unit with it should we decide to live down here year-round or decide to sell the house.  First, all the kids/grandkids are back in MN, so living here all year isn’t an option.  Secondly, if we sold the house the kids/grandkids would disown us since they love coming for visits to get out of the snow and ice.  If this year’s tax credits were as good as last years I would have considered it, but they’ve been reduced quite a bit so I don’t really care that the Amana AMH8 isn’t eligible.  To cut to the chase, we had the Amana AMH8 installed and have been perfectly happy with it these first few months.”

    Thanks Rafael for spelling out the scenario for us.  There are times when a standard-efficiency furnace definitely makes more sense than a high-efficiency model and this is one of them.  With the Amana AMH8 TwinComfort, Multi-Speed gas furnace you’ll enjoy:

    Up to 80% efficiency which will keep energy costs low, on top of lower initial costs for the furnace.

    Patented MillionAir tubular heat exchanger made from stainless steel.

    TwinComfort design with 2-stage gas valve that conserves fuel and produces optimal heating.

    SureStart igniter with long-life design.

    Auto-comfort mode keeps air moving to decrease humidity when cooling and increase comfort in all seasons.

    4-speed motor starts low and speeds up as air heats up.  Won’t blow cool air on high speed at the start of heat cycle.

    Warranty covers heat exchanger for life, including 10-year replacement; all moving parts are covered for 10 years.

    The Amana AMH8 TwinComfort, Multi-Speed gas furnace will serve your home very well when properly installed by a qualified contractor.  While many DIY projects are true money-savers, installing your own furnace, regardless of brand, will likely void the warranty and will transfer liability from a contractor to you.  In addition, a trained installer will set up the furnace with precision settings that will ensure that it performs up to its potential.

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