• Aire Flo CG92 Model CG92TB045D12B Gas Furnace Price

    Aire Flo is a Lennox brand known for excellent efficiency and reliability in a basic, well built furnace.  The Aire Flo CG92 is an affordable alternative to higher end furnaces.  It doesn’t have the features geared to customizing comfort rather than delivering dependable heating and air flow when cooling. The CG92 simply delivers solid, reliable heating.  Thanks go to Manuel in Silver Springs, Maryland for using our Share an HVAC price page to report his Aire Flo CG92 Model CG92TB045D12B Gas Furnace Price.  We appreciate all of the HVAC prices we receive from readers.

    “Several months ago our furnace quit working right at the beginning of winter and we had to scramble to replace it.  The unit was nearly 20 years old and not worth repairing.  I’d had it cleaned and checked in August but with a furnace that old you never know.  I finally got 3 heating and cooling companies to come out and give us bids after making 15-20 calls.  Two of the companies gave me bids of almost $3,000 to install the furnace and I felt like they were taking advantage of our immediate need.  I’m sure they were busy with other work and didn’t need the job unless they could make some extra money from it.  One guy said with a straight face, ‘you picked a bad time for your furnace to quit’ and I thought my wife was going to give him a piece of her mind.

    The third guy was friendly and polite.  He offered the Aire Flo CG92 and explained that they were a Lennox brand with a good track record for dependability and longevity.  Plus they are priced very reasonably.  He did a thorough inspection of the house and went through his calculations.  Here’s the bid he gave us:

    Aire Flo CG92 Model CG92TB045D12B 45,000 Btu / 1.5ton gas furnace: $790

    Installation and removal of old furnace: $2,150;  Total: $2,940

    This is the bid we accepted.  The owner showed up with 2 other guys the next morning and were finished by about 1 p.m.   They installed, ran and tested the furnace, made a few adjustments, and then walked me through things like how to program the thermostat, change the filter, check error codes, etc.  They were extremely helpful and made the whole process simple and affordable.”

    Sounds like Manuel found a fantastic local contractor to take care of this pressing need for warmth.  It’s true that many contractors will offer higher than usual bids when they are very busy.  But others will stick to their normal pricing and fit you in if they can.  If you do run into this kind of emergency you’ll probably need to spend quite a bit of time on the phone finding contractors that can meet you on short notice.

    The Aire Flo CG92 is a quality furnace with basic functionality and good dependability.  Here are the details:

    • Up to 92.1 AFUE (annualized fuel use efficiency) which qualifies as an Energy Star product.
    • Variable speed motor for balanced, comfortable heating and quiet operation.
    • Single-stage, efficient gas valve.
    • Fused circuit protection of onboard electronics.
    • Primary heat exchanger made from aluminized steel for performance and durability.
    • Hot surface igniter along with integrated fan and ignition control.
    • Range of models in the CG92 line include: 45K, 67K, 90K and 125K Btu’s with cooling from 1.5 to 5 tons.
    • Upflow/horizontal and Counterflow models available for more installation options.
    • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger; 5-year limited warranty on functional parts.
    • Warranty can be upgraded for more years and to cover labor.

    Use the Pros for Peak Performance

    When shopping for gas furnace prices, don’t overlook the quality of the contractor you select.  Choose a qualified contractor with good experience in the brand you select.  Check their references and look on Angie’s List or comparable review site when possible.  The quality of the installation is an essential ingredient in how well your furnace performs in terms of fuel efficiency and reliability.  Be just as choosy about contractors as you are about the furnace and enjoy years of great service from both.

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