• AAA Rated Furnaces

    What are the best furnaces available? These 5 AAA furnaces are efficient and perform exceptionally well. These top-rated gas furnaces cost more than most, but the high efficiency will control energy costs and the performance will make your home very comfortable.

    Top 5 Gas Furnaces

    1. Dave Lennox Signature Collection SLP98V Gas Furnace

    This furnace offers variable-capacity performance to go with a variable-speed blower…and a whopping 98.2% efficiency.

    The modulating gas valve means that it delivers 40% to 100% capacity based on the specific heating needs of the home. It uses longer, lower-capacity cycles to heat very evenly, gently and quietly. The result is a virtual elimination of temperature fluctuation along with balance temps throughout your home.

    The efficiency level is one of the best in the industry, resulting in less than a 2% waste of heat. You’ll cut heating bills by 15%-$25% at least when replacing an older gas furnace. Expect to pay $2,700-$3,500 for this furnace, depending on the size you get.

    If you want the performance but live in a warm climate, the Lennox Signature SL280V is an 80% efficient furnace that costs less but delivers the same variable-capacity/variable-speed performance.

    2. American Standard Platinum ZV Modulating Gas Furnace

    This is a 95% efficient gas furnace with a modulating gas valve. Heating is very precise and comfortable. The variable-speed blower is quiet and efficient. It matches speed with the capacity of the gas valve to balance temperature throughout your home. There are never blasts of unheated air at the beginning of the cycle. Gas furnace prices for this model range from $2,300-$3,200.

    3. Maytag PGC2MQ iQ Drive M1200 Gas Furnace

    Maytag has become one of the leading innovators in the HVAC market. Their top of the line HVAC prices are high, but they products really perform. This is Maytag’s entry into the arena of modulating gas furnaces with variable-speed blowers. This one is highly-rated for quiet, comfortable performance. For the Maytag PGC2MQ furnace, you’ll pay $2,500-$3,600 depending on the number of BTUs it makes.

    4. Carrier Infinity ICS Modulating 58MVC Gas Furnace

    Carrier has long been an industry leader, and this is their top of the line. Its modulating gas valve offers 3.5 times tighter temperature control than a 2-speed furnace, so temp swings are a thing of the past. This 95% efficient furnace is well-built and a pleasure to control with the top-rated Carrier Infinity thermostat.

    5. Armstrong A97MV Modulating Gas Furnace

    Armstrong doesn’t have the reputation that the others on this list do, but it produces very good furnaces. This modulating model is 97% efficient with a variable-speed blower to maximized indoor comfort. Armstrong also makes the A96MV modulating furnace, showing its commitment to develop a whole line of high-efficiency, high-performance products.

    Each of these furnaces is designed for climates with cold winters where high efficiency is the key to lower utility bills. They are also popular with those who have made the commitment to greener energy for their homes. Less fuel consumption means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less impact on the environment.

    If these furnaces are what you’re looking for, get multiple estimates from dealers in your area in order to find the best prices. Choose a qualified contractor with the experience and skill to install it correctly, and you’ll get the efficiency and performance these furnaces are capable of producing.

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