• 3 Ton Heat Pump Prices

    Homes approximately 1,200 to 2,000 square feet will require a 3 ton heat pump for adequate heating and cooling.  In this article we’ll look at typical 3 ton heat pump prices, and highlight some of the best heat pumps in each segment of the price range.  But first, you might be interested to know what factors lead to the differences in 3 ton heat pump prices.  The efficiency of the heat pump affects the price sometimes even more than heating and cooling capacity do.  A very efficient 3 ton heat pump will cost more than a standard efficiency 4 ton heat pump.  Performance features such as 2-stage operation or advanced noise reduction will also raise the cost.  Finally, some brands cost more, either simply because they have a better reputation or because they have a good track record for reliability.

    Now, here’s a list of very good heat pumps that offer different price points to meet different needs.

    Low Price: 3 Ton Goodman GSZ13 Heat Pump: $1,589

    Goodman has built its reputation on affordable pricing, reliable service and a solid warranty.  The Goodman GSZ13 heat pump is a work horse unit that offers durable, no-frills performance that keeps its cost down.  And it will help you control energy costs with 13 SEER, higher than most older models it will replace.  It’s a good choice in climates that don’t demand high-efficiency air conditioning, or in cooler climates where an alternate form of heating is also used.  At this price, it is also a popular choice for builders and property managers.

    Medium Price: 3 Ton Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCB3 Heat Pump, $2,159

    Carrier has a strong reputation for reliability and service, and the Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCB3 heat pump enjoys outstanding ratings from consumers and independent testers.  The 15.5 SEER and 8.6 HSPF exceeds Energy Star minimum standards and will produce lower energy bills in most homes.  A compressor sound blanket and other noise-reduction features make this one of the quietest heat pumps available.  The Carrier Comfort Series Model 25HCB3 heat pump is also hybrid compatible, meaning it can be installed in a split system with a gas furnace to give you heating options in very cold weather.

    High Price: 3 Ton Armstrong Model 418LT 18 SEER Heat Pump: $2,989

    There are several performance features built into this high-efficiency heat pump that give you excellent control of your home’s indoor climate.  In addition to Energy Star-rated 18 SEER and 9.2 HSPF, you’ll enjoy 2-stage operation that virtually eliminates blasts of untreated air at the beginning of a heating or cooling cycle.  Enhanced humidity control and very quiet operation coupled with potential energy cost savings of as much as 50% complete a very nice package.


    For a complete list of features on these models, follow the links to our main articles.  Use them to compare HVAC prices, efficiency levels and the features you want as you search for your next 3 ton heat pump.


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