• 2 Ton Heat Pump Prices

    In terms of capacity, a 2 ton heat pump is a very popular size for homes in the 1,000 to 1,500 square foot range.  The exact size heat pump you will need should be determined by a complete load calculation that takes your home’s size, windows, insulation, layout and climate into consideration.  Still, 2 ton heat pumps make up a significant percentage of heat pumps installed each year.

    As we take a look at 2 ton heat pump prices, keep in mind that they vary based on several factors.  The first is efficiency.  As with most HVAC prices, efficiency is the factor that affects price the most, next to capacity.  Extra performance features such as 2-stage operation or a second compressor will also increase the cost.  Brand name can raise the price too, sometimes because the brand has a proven track record of reliability.  Finally, if you are buying the heat pump from a dealer, the time of year may affect the price because manufacturers occasionally offer rebates on various models, especially their top lines which tend to be the most expensive.

    To give you a sampling of 2 ton heat pump prices, we’ve brought together 3 models representing the low, medium and high segments of the price range.  We chose these models because they are among the highest rated in their efficiency class.  Let’s take a look.

    Low Price: 2 ton Amana SSZ16 Distinctions heat pump: $1,699

    The Amana SSZ16 Distinctions heat pump is not the least expensive 2 ton heat pump on the market, but it represents outstanding value.  It offers 16 SEER cooling and 9.5 HSPF for heating, both very impressive numbers in a heat pump priced this modestly.  When you install the Amana SSZ16 Distinctions, you get a highly rated heat pump at a modest price plus you’ll almost certainly lower your energy bills.  The Amana SSZ16 Distinctions heat pump uses the Copeland Ultra-Tech 2-stage scroll compressor which most experts rate the best in the business.

    Medium Price: 2 Ton Ducane Model 4HP18 heat pump: $2,599

    Ducane has made a very strong showing in recent years with an upgraded lineup of quality heat pumps.  The 4HP18 delivers 18 SEER cooling and 9.2 HSPF, and also uses the Copeland Ultra-Tech compressor, though most heat pumps do not.  The 2-stage compressor runs on low to maintain even heating and cooling and only shifts into high when significant temperature changes are called for.  This helps to eliminate noticeable temperature fluctuations.  Lower energy bills and comfortable performance is an excellent combination.

    High Price: Trane XL20i 2 Ton $2,959

    The Trane XL20i is Trane’s best heat pump.  It features ComfortLink II communicating technology which Trane uses to coordinate the operation of all system components to ensure maximum efficiency and the most comfortable heating and cooling possible.  This heat pump actually has 2 compressors instead of a single 2-stage compressor, and this assures a more rapid boost in heating or cooling when you desire it.  Other high-end features include the Telephone Access Module that allows you to adjust your system settings remotely and the optional CleanEffects air purification system.


    These are some of the best heat pumps in their class.  For a full list of features offered on these 2 ton heat pumps, follow the links to our complete HVAC prices articles.  Use the articles to compare other 2 ton heat pump prices and features.  They’ll give you a good place to start your search for your next quality heat pump.

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